Graphic depicting the Keystone Corridor and stations from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. Link To Harrisburg Transportation Center Station Page Link To Middletown Station Page Link To Elizabethtown Station Page Link To Mount Joy Station Page Link To Lancaster Station Page Link To Parkesburg Station Page Link To Coatesville Station Page Link To Downingtown Station Page Link To Exton Station Page Link To Paoli Station Page Link To Ardmore Station Page Link To Philadelphia -30th Street Station Page
Graphic depicting the Keystone Corridor and stations from Harrisburg to Philadelphia.
Photo looking south at the pedestrian canopy leading from the Appletree parking lot toward the station.

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  • 75 parking spaces
  • Passenger shelter 

Accessible Features: 

  • Accessible parking available


  • 24 miles (23 min*) to Harrisburg 
  • 80 miles (1 hr, 22 min*) to Philadelphia 
  • 2016 Amtrak ridership: 50,751​

*Travel​ times are approximate. Please consult the relevant schedule.

Other Information: 

  • Access to trains is currently down a long flight of outdoor stairs.​
  • Direct questions on station maintenance and parking to Amtrak Customer Service.​​​​

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